About us


Just to clarify, Lagosta means lobster in Portuguese.

But don't let that worry you - despite the speculation we are not actually lobsters, but we do make videos and we are are based in the achingly glamorous city of Bristol.

Well rounded videos

We're here to make fantastic videos for you, with maximum flair, and minimum fuss. From music video to business promo - we can do it.

We've got very satisfied clients ranging from Pioneer and Eurostar, to organisations and charities such as the Transition Network.

Working with people

Producing videos with people in mind We know how to get the best from complicated equipment, as you should expect. However, we don't think that's our real skill; lots of people can do that.

Our real skill is in working with people. From the person in front of the camera, to clients behind the scenes, we believe a good working relationship is the real magic ingredient that creates high quality, engaging films.

We can deliver

We can deliver videos with flair fast Whether you need a storming YouTube video to get a flurry of hits, or a thoughtful piece for a smaller audience, we've done it, and we can do it. Have a look at our past work to find out more.

Our main base is Bristol, but work often takes us much further afield, and we're happy to travel.


Moving Graphics

We are also happy to provide in-house motion and still graphics. Check out the motion graphics examples in our past work.